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From Flat To Pitched

Flat Roof & Parapets Replaced 

Home Remodel Design | Sunriver, OR

Home Remodel Design by Hollyman.Design - Garage before remodel.
Home Remodel Design by Hollyman.Design - Garage after remodel.

This original home was designed and built by one of the first architects in Sunriver, OR. It had a “Flat Roof with Parapets” with the HVAC located on top, exposing it to the outdoor elements. The new owners were simply tired of replacing and repairing the roof annually and dealing with a heating and air-conditioning unit that never worked properly. The new home remodel design includes a “pitched” roof making the home easier to maintain. It also adds to the aesthetics of the gorgeous Sunriver area. The transformation of this home solved the ongoing issues for the homeowners and also revealed how stunning a remodel can be for any home.